What are Caller Tunes in Smartphones

What are Caller Tunes in Smartphones

What are Caller Tunes in Smartphones? Whenever someone do the phone call to others then the ring starts and this ring can be replaced by some songs or other audio media and this is called as the caller tune. A caller tune is commonly supported in many of the smartphone. It can be used by anyone who uses the smart phone for example it can be used by your Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, Relatives etc. This caller tune are provided the your Sim Card Service provider examples Jio, Airtel, Vodaphone, Bsnl etc. And it is also so much easy to set the caller tune in your smart phone.

So, in the next step we will learn how to set a caller tune very easily in some simple steps.

How to set a caller tune in your smartphone

To Set a caller tune is too easy. To set a caller tune in your smart phone you have to contact your sim service provider through the message or the phone call. You can choose different caller tune of your choice from the list provided by the Sim service provider. And also there is another method to set the caller tune you just have to send a text message to your sim service provider. In this the code will be provided to you for sending the SMS to the sim service provider asking for the activation. Some amount will be subtracted from your balance if you are using the pre-paid sim or you can also pay the amount thorough your account examples Paytm, Phonepay, Amazon Pay and also from your bank account and also you can change your caller tune anytime you want to change from your phone .

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So, don’t worry if you have andriod or ios then you don’t have to pay chargeable amount to your Sim provider you just have to download the particular app of your sim service provider for examples if you are using the Jio sim then you have to instal the Jio Saavan App in your smart phone. After installing the app then you just have to open that app on your smart phone then you can search the choice of your song on that app and after searching just select that particular song which you gonna use it as the caller tune of your smart phone and then you can find the option called as set as a caller tune and then just select it and finally you have successfully set the caller tune but in some of the cases may be the caller tune is not available so you have to search for different songs and if it is available then you can use it as the caller tune.

Suppose if you want to deactivate your caller tune then you just have to text a simple SMS to the Sim service provider. But the sim servicer provider number can be different for different sim.

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Difference between a caller tune and a ringtone

Caller tune is the tune when others hears when they call. Ringtone is the tone or ring which you hears whenever someone calls you. The charges of ringtone is cheaper then the Caller tune but where as the ringtones can be downloaded for free where as the caller tune can’t be downloaded it can only be set after paying the chargeable amount to the sim service provider.


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