PUBG New State: Everything that you should know about this battle royale game.


PUBG New State is a new title from the developers of PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds). It is a battle royale video game available for both android as well as iOS platforms. This game was developed by a Korean company “Krafton”.

PUBG New State was before known as PUBG Mobile 2. Now PUBG is one of the biggest battle royale mobile game in the world. In this game you will be dropped in a map and you”ll have to fight against dozens of other players to find your way to victory. This game is said to be similar to PUBG Mobile but it will have more new maps added to it.


  • PUBG New State will have both TPP as well as FPP gameplay features.
  • The game will provide Ultra-HD graphics with detailed and highly saturated vintage frames.
  • The in-game interface is almost as same as the original PUBG Mobile variant but has some changes in its appearance.
  • The futuristic game PUBG New State is set with the year 2051 that will firmly impress all PUBG players.

In the app description of PUBG New State, Krafton has mentioned a few things about this game on Google Play Store. The battle royale game is set in the futuristic year of 2051. It’s themes are similar to the post-apocalyptic theme that is used in most Hollywood movies.

In PUBG New State, there will be 100 players in a game and they will have to engage in the battle until one team or one player is alive. The Blue Zone now shrinks faster to force the players to go for weapons, consumables and vehicles. The winner of the game game will be awarded with a title of “Lone Survivor”.

There are some new features of the game. Drones are also added to the game that will refresh the players who survives longer in the game. In Arcade mode, no vehicles were provided in the original variant of the game, but in this game, vehicles will spawn in Arcade mode also. There will be a significant change in the gameplay due to the following changes.

In this game, there will be a new map called “Tori”. It is a huge map with an area of 8km by 8km. In this map, there are several vehicles spawning therein. In this game, there will be more customisation options. Now the players can also customise their guns in the middle of the game also. The developers of the game are saying that gameplay will look more dynamic and realistic.

PUBG New State will be made by PUBG Studio, who is the owner of original IP of PUBG. PUBG Studio is a part of South Korea-based Krafton. PUBG Studio has developed the PC and Console versions of the PUBG while PUBG Mobile was developed by a Chinese tech company called Tencent Games and then it was published to different app stores in different countries. Since Tencent Games is a Chinese company, therefore the government of India banned PUBG Mobile for Indian players. As PUBG New State is owned by Krafton, so there are some possibilities that PUBG New State may get released in India.

When this game will be released?

This battle royale game will be released soon for both android and iOS platforms. There are no official announcements about the release date of this game yet. The pre-registration process for the game is going on. In a social media post, PUBG fans got a glimpse look at the graphics and settings of the game. There is also a video trailer about this game that you can check.

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