Marshmello Alone – Marshmello’s most popular song.

Marshmello alone

If you are a music lover, then you must have heard the name of one of the most famous DJ and producer “Marshmello”. And if you have listened this name, then you might also have listened to his one of the most famous songs ‘Alone’. In this article, we’re gonna talk about one of the most famous DJ and producer “Marshmello” and his most popular song “Alone”. So, let’s first begin with his famous song “Alone” and later we’ll talk about the famous producer “Marshmello”.

Marshmello Alone.

“Alone” is a song written and created by Marshmello. It is a future bass, dance electric music. Marshmello is the singer of this song. The music video of the song was directed by Daniel Burke. This song was first released in 2016 on 13th May via Monstercat. Later, it was released as a digital download on 17th June 2016. The music video of the song was given by Monstercat on 2nd July 2016. The song was listed in the Canadian Hot 100 and also in the Us Billboard Hot 100. It is also multi-platinum certified in several countries.

The music video of the song is now one of the most viewed videos on YouTube. Recently it has crossed 2 Billion views on the Marshmello’s YouTube channel. It has over 160 million views on Monstercat’s YouTube channel. The video of the song was also one of the most liked videos on Monstercat’s YouTube channel until Crab Rave was not released. It is the first and only song on Monstercat that is certified as multi-platinum by RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

So, we’ve talked enough about the song. Now let’s know something about the singer and the producer of the song “Marshmello”.

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The Marshmello.


“Marshmello” is a famous American DJ and electronic music producer. His original name is Christopher Comstock. His debut song was “Keep It Mello” which was released from his debut studio album “Joytime”.

Marshmello has made a lot of hit songs. Some of his famous songs are “Friends”, “Stars” and “Happier”. His YouTube channel “Marshmello” has now more than 50 million subscribers. Many of his songs like “Alone”, “Friends”, “Silence”, “Happier” and “Wolves” have certified as multi-platinum in many countries and are also listed in the Hot 100 Billboard.

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So, here we talked about the famous song “Alone” and also known something about the producer of the song “Marshmello”. Hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any further questions, please ask it in the comments section below.


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