Faded – Alan Walker’s Most Famous Song


Published on: 4 December 2015.

Song Duration: 3: 32

Written By: Alan Walker, Jesper Borgen, Anders Frøen, Gunnar Greve Pettersen.

Producer(s): Alan Walker, Jesper Borgen, Mood Melodies.

Label: Mer Musikk.

“Faded” is one of the the most popular song these days. It has over 3 billion views on YouTube, making it the 19th most viewed video of YouTube. It is over 1.3 billion streams on Spotify, which makes it 41st most streamed songs on Spotify. It is the first EDM track achiever.

“Faded” was written and created by English-Norwegian producer and DJ Alan Walker. It’s vocals were provided by a Norwegian singer Iselin Løken Solheim.

The song “Fade” was the older version of Faded which was only an instrumental music. Alan bringed a new version of the song and named it as “Faded”. He added the voice of ‘Iselin Løken Solheim’ in this song.

Walker debuted a live show for his song “Faded” on 27th February 2016 with Iselin Solheim and string support at the X-Games in Oslo. The show was live on Norwegian televisions.

After the release of song, it was highly successful, it got peak in the top ten songs in most of the countries.

A few lines about Alan Walker.

Alan Olav Walker also known as DJ Walkzz as is a Norwegian and DJ record producer who was born on 24th August 1997 in Northampton UK.

Walker in his early years was prone towards computers and graphic designings. In 2012 Walker listened a song composed by David Whistle. After listening his song, Walker find a interest in the song and so he contacted the musicians to know how the song was produced. After talking to the musicians, Walker got more interest in music production. Walker didn’t took any formal training to learn music. He just learned it by watching YouTube tutorials about this topic.

Walker debuted to pursue music as his career. With the help of a software “FL Studio”, he started to producing music on his laptop. When he published his song on YouTube and SoundCloud, listeners started to give feedback on his videos.

After the release of his song “Faded”, he received the international acclaim in 2015. His song “Faded” received the Platinum certifications in 14th centuries. He released his first studio album ‘Different World’ in 2018. In 2020, Alan Walker was ranked 26th on DJ Mag.

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